12 Christmas gifts ideal to enjoy family

Christmas is that ideal year of the year for spending time with family or friends, making small plans and gathering around a table to laugh, chat and share stories or anecdotes.Also in those meetings, one of the most significant moments is when those gifts we make or make us open.

Although many times those present are aimed at a single person, there are very interesting options that can end up enjoying the whole family, which is added value.

Thinking about all those who look for a gift from this style, from the buyer we have selected 10 options with which to be sure.From games, to Christmas gourmet lots, fryers without oil or televisions.

Amazon Echo Show 8

One of the best options for the whole family is this echo show 8, which will allow us to turn our home into an intelligent space and make dozens of functions independently and automatically.

This device has an 8 -inch HD screen and stereo sound for a more comfortable use and gives us access to the Alexa voice assistant, who will read the news, will look for the meteorological part, play music, look for a cooking recipe and a thousand more things.

With this device we can control lights, washing machines, cleaning robots, kitchen robots or any other device that works with voice control of the same type, always maintaining our intimacy with the privacy functions that allow to disconnect micros and cameras to our Antojo.

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6000 lumen WiTooth wifi projector Wimius

Another very interesting option to turn our room into a movie theater are the projectors.Amazon's best selling is this wimius model, with 6.000 lumens and a Full HD image quality that reaches 1080p and has a connection by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for even more comfortable and cable operation.

In addition, to offer a projection size of between 38 and 200 inches, it has 5W dual Hifi stereo speakers incorporated with SRS sound, although it can also be used with headphones if we do not want to disturb.The life of the LED lamp reaches up to 70.000 hours.

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€ 170 (30%) discount


Within the same line, we can also choose to change our old TV and give way to thousands of content of 'streaming' and intelligent functions with a model like this of Samsung, one of the best -selling televisions of recent months in Amazon by far.

This Smart TV has an interesting Crystal UHD processor, capable of purity more than one billion colors without degrading over time.In addition, we can access our favorite content through integrated voice attendees, such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

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€ 26 (43%) discount)

Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa voice command

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If our TV still has rope and we don't feel the need to change it but we want.

This is the most powerful streaming multimedia content player with a Wi-Fi antenna, so it manages to play 4K ultra HD streaming images with Dolby Vision, HDR and HDR10+, and with an enveloping sound compatible with Dolby Atmos.It is compatible with the main streaming applications.Get him on Amazon for less than € 40.

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€ 36.47 discount (46%)

Bosch Tassimo Coffee Happy Tas1002

With more than 40 drinks such as Espresso, Café Crème, Filter coffee, macchiato, cappuccino, hot chocolate or tea, stacafetera allows you to enjoy delicious hot drinks to the whole family.

The Tassimo coffee maker prepares each drink with the amount of water, the appropriate temperature and preparation time with the Intellibrew technology that recognizes the bar code of the chosen capsule.

This model is responsible for quickly preparing your cup with a single click and regardless of the height of the glass or cup.With a 0 water tank.7 liters to prepare all the drinks you want and without worrying about filling the tank.

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Fondue for Cheese or Chocolate H.Koenig Alp1800

For special feast or family meals, we can count on a fondue like this h.Koenig Alp1800 for 6 people, which allows us to use both cheese and chocolate.

This model has an adjustable thermostat from 25 ° C to 190 ° C to guarantee an ideal temperature for all our preparations.In addition, it is equipped with an antisalpadura lid with support for the holders and is easy to clean thanks to its non -stringed lining.

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€ 5.84 (24%) discount

Twister game

A good option to make us good family laughs is, without any doubt, the well -known Twister game, a classic game that allows you to unite all generations and spend very entertaining times.

The game comes with the carpet and roulette in addition to the instructions to learn how to use it.It is suitable for playing with children from 6 years.

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Jamonera box with ham Sánchez Alcaraz and varied assortment of El Corte Inglés

Another good gift for the most sibaritas that the entire family can take advantage of is a Christmas gourmet lot like this one of El Corte Inglés that comes in a ham case.In addition to the 7.5 kg approx piece.Gran Reservo Sánchez Alcaraz ham, also brings a sausage and a sausage legend Iberian, in addition to a truffled Oca Mousse Zubia.

All this is accompanied by two 75 cl bottles of classic cava brut nature quail, two bottles of red wine river doca doca the preserve and a bottle of white wine white wheel greenjo blume.The sweet touch of the lot is provided by the nougat of Alicante supreme quality the wolf, the nougat of Jijona supreme quality the wolf, the tradition of dusty lastepeña, a trufas case to the cocoa delaviuda, a case of neulas classic rifacli, some pastaof ginger and lemon the estepeña and a select cocktail case.

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€ 21 discount (15%)

5,5l cosori oil fryer

To be able to enjoy in family some delicious dishes that we usually give up because they have many calories or fat, we can choose one of the popular oil without oil that we now find in the market, the Cosori of 5.5L, which saves up to 85%fat and calories.

This model, with a capacity of 5.5 liters in total, will be a great option for the whole family that will offer us tender finishes inside and crunchy abroad.

As the winner of the prestigious Reddot Design Award award, the Cosori fryer has more pre -established cooking modes than most market options, which allows him to find our favorite at any time.

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€ 150 (33%) discount

Mambo 10090 multifunction robot of Cecotec

Finally, also thinking of enjoying delicacies at all times with very little effort and organizing better with the meals of the week, a great ally will be a cooking robot like this of Cecotec, with up to 30 functions and total temperature, intensity or control control cooking time.

With this model, we can carry out up to 4 elaborations at the same time thanks to its stainless steel jug of 3.3 liters of high quality suitable for the dishwasher, the basket that can be added inside, and the steamer of twolevels that can be mounted on top.In addition to all this, in the mambo app for smartphone we will find unlimited recipes.

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Digital frame 10 inches

With the digital framework we will have hundreds of photos inside a screen and we can remember in family the last trips, anniversary parties.Simply inserting the SD card with the photographs and giving the play we can visualize them.

The best thing about this product is that we can also add music and videos for a more immersive visualization or put the photos so that it looks like a more photo frame.In addition, the screen has the possibility of being a clock and alarm, perfect for the bedside table.

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6 free months of music

Amazon Echo Dot + Amazon Music Unlimited

With this Amazon smart speaker and the six free months of the Amazon Music service, the fun is secured.Each family member can ask Alexa to reproduce his favorite songs, from the Christmas songs of Michael Bublé to Bad Gyal's last success.Santa Claus will not arrive on time for this product, but there will be no problems for kings to get it.

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* Updated prices on December 16, 2021

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